Management Specialties:

I have experience delivering audio visual presentation support as internal and external communications for multimillion-dollar companies across diverse industries since 1980.

My experience includes managing technical staff, production and creative teams, and serving corporate communications professionals. I specialize in the technical development of presentations, marketing campaigns, successful product launches and public relations communication events. I have had some incredible opportunities, since taking the leap to operating my own consultative management business. I continue to support great working relationships with existing clients and forge exciting new client relationships.

My specialty is working within a creative group and translating their creative ideas into technical capabilities and helping to develop their needs into a specific technical design. As the project comes to life, I build a strong technical production support team and we then carry the event through to a successful completion. I'm an industry veteran, with a broad resource network of video engineering and technical project specialists, which I draw upon, to accomplish these goals on time and within my client's budget.

After working in the AV staging industry all these years I have built a very strong team. We are enjoying the opportunity to explore a whole range of new of technical support services for our client's projects. These include, interactive mobile device webcasting, augmented reality, RFID applications and other interesting uses of technology as new trends emerge. Successful at adapting to new technology, we are adept at embracing client goals using the systems they choose or that we can recommend, to fulfill their needs. We will then help the client to bring that new technology to their customers.

In the most simple terms, we can write the technical RFP for nearly any type of show or event and then follow through to be sure it get's done correctly.

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Recent Projects:

Rock the Kasbah 2011 - Pussycat Dolls.


Our clients say...

"The first consideration I use when evaluating a person's skill set is to ask myself "Would you want him/her on your team?" In the case of Warren Tash, the answer is a resounding YES! I've worked with Warren since1982, first at AVHQ, then at AVC. While at AVC, I enjoyed touring one of the shows he was managing in Las Vegas, and was very impressed with his grasp of every detail, anticipation of upcoming requirements, and willingness to do whatever was needed for success, whether or not it was something for which he was contracted. Warren doesn't understand "why we can't", but is all about "how we can". Whether you want him on your team as a service provider, you won't go wrong in selecting him as someone who can help you meet your goals.
Mike O’Brien - Executive Director of Process and Profit Improvement | Freeman |

"Warren and I worked closely together for 5 years, although I've known of him professionally for more than 2 decades. He has great technical knowledge of the "machinery" of show production and is always sensitive to the creative and technical needs of the client, as well as the engineers, certainly a delicate balance! He displays great integrity in all his dealings, yet manages to deliver a project on time and on budget. I will always consider Warren one of my "A List" people, and a close friend, no matter how far ranging our business takes us."
Jack Dussault WorldStage, Inc., IATSE local 122

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